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Average price on OPCOM day-ahead market rose by 40 % in September – Romania, 08 October 2018

The average price of electricity on the day-ahead market of Romanian energy exchange OPCOM in September has risen in comparison to the price in the previous month and to the same month last year as well. According to data published by OPCOM, the average price on the day-ahead market in September Full article available for […]

OPCOM launched day-ahead market for natural gas – Romania, 3 August 2018

Romanian energy exchange OPCOM announced that on 31 July the first trading session on the day-ahead market for natural gas, for delivery on 1 August, took place. The statement from OPCOM said that the day-ahead market for natural gas gives the market participants the possibility to adjust their own trading portfolios and to mitigate and/or […]

Bulgaria and Macedonia signed a MoU for coupling of day-ahead markets – Region, 16 April 2018

Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) EAD signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Macedonian electricity transmission system operator MEPSO, Macedonian Energy Regulatory Commission and Bulgarian electricity transmission system operator ESO. The signed MoU forms the basis for the coupling of the day-ahead markets of the two countries. With this MoU, the Bulgarian and the Macedonian representatives […]