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Increase of NTC values on BA-HR border for 3 September – Region, 01 September 2022

SEECAO announced that NTC values on BA-HR border direction for delivery day of 3 September are increased from 500 MW to 700 MW for all hours. Also, NTC values on […]

Croatia is the largest electricity exporter among former Yugoslavia states – Region, 01 September 2022

With electricity exports worth 1.188 billion dollars in 2021, Croatia is ranked 16th on the list of 88 countries, and is the highest ranked among former Yugoslavia states. Compared to […]

1.4 billion euros for green investments in Romania, Croatia – Region, 08 June 2022

The European Commission (EC) said that it will grant 1.43 billion euros to Romania and Croatia to support the modernization of their energy systems, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and […]