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Nuclearelectrica should not invest in new units of NPP Cernavoda – Romania, 06 September 2019

Portfolio manager of private investment fund Fondul Propriaetatea (FP) Johan Meyer said that Romanian electricity producer and operator of nuclear power plant Cernavoda – Nuclearelectrica, should not invest in two new units at the plant since such investment is not financially justified and is extre Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS service (PDF […]

US and Romanian Presidents discussed Black Sea gas – Romania, 23 August 2019

A joint statement of the President of the United States Donald Trump and the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis reiterated the importance of Black Sea natural gas exploitation, as well as the expansion of nuclear power plant Cernavoda. According to the statement, the Black Sea region is of stra Full article available for subscribers of […]

Investments in electricity sector in 2019-2030 period estimated at 14 billion euros – Romania, 13 August 2019

According to the Energy Strategy of Romania 2019-2030, with the perspective of the year 2050, published by the Ministry of Energy, total investments required in the electricity sector for the said period is estimated to about 14 billion euros, while investments in the electricity network alone are e Full article available for subscribers of Energy […]