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BSP Southpool enabled block products and negative prices – Slovenia, 22 September 2017

The statement from the Slovenian energy exchange BSP Southpool announced that block products and negative prices are the most recent available features to trade with on the EuroMarket Trading Platform from 20 September 2017 (for the delivery day 21 September) onwards. Block orders can be submitted on day-ahead auction with no consecutive periods and executed […]

Coupling of Austrian and Slovenian electricity markets postponed – Slovenia, 7 July 2016

According to the statement from the European Power Exchange – Epex Spot, the coupling of the Austrian and Slovenian electricity markets has been postponed until 21 July due to IT issues. The statement said that the AT-SI Market Coupling will be in operation as of 21 July for delivery day 22 July. After 21 July, […]

Slovenian-Italian intraday markets successfully coupled – Slovenia, 21 June 2016

Slovenian BSP Southpool energy exchange announced that Slovenian and Italian intraday markets have been successfully coupled as of 21 June 2016. A year ago, BSP Southpool integrated the Slovenian day-ahead energy market into Pan-European coupling. Now, using similar technology, the connection of energy markets of Italy and Slovenia in implicit auctions for intraday trading (ID-IA […]