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Romania allocates 100 million euros for biomass and biogas projects – Romania, 6 October 2016

Romanian Ministry of European Funds announced that the Government plans to allocate over 100 million euros for a support scheme for energy production frpm renewable sources that are less exploited, such as biogas, biomass and geothermal. The funds come from non-reimbursable EU funding provided through the European Regional Development Fund, but also from the state […]

Biogas cogeneration power plant in Botos commissioned – Serbia, 5 October 2016

Local company Bioelektra announced that it has put into operation new biogas combined heat and power plant in village Botos near Zrenjanin. Currently, plant has power output of 0.6 MW, but it will reach 1.8 MW at the end of the third phase of the project. This marks the completion of the first phase of […]

Installed capacity in RES reached 117.8 MW – Macedonia, 13 September 2016

According to the data published by the Macedonian Energy Agency, total installed capacity in facilities that produce electricity from renewable sources (RES) in Macedonia amounts to 117.8 MW. 168 RES facilities in the country represent fairly small share in Macedonian electricity production, which is equivalent to power output of just one thermal power plant, namely […]