Electricity and gas prices for households will not increase in 2019 – Romania, 26 March 2019

Vice President of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) Zoltan Nagy-Bege said that the price of electricity and natural gas for households in Romania will not be changed in 2019. Nagy-Bege stressed that the new price of electricity for households was set on 1 March and it will not i Full article available for […]

2 % turnover tax abolished for coal-based energy producers – Romania, 26 March 2019

Romanian Minister of Energy Anton Anton announced that the Government’s emergency ordinance from December 2018 will be amended and 2 % turnover tax will be abolished for coal-based energy producers. He added that the amendments have to be approved by the Competition Council. On the other hand, th Full article available for subscribers of Energy […]

ANRE determined buyers of locally produced natural gas – Romania, 22 March 2019

The latest decisions of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy – ANRE set out the destinations for natural gas from domestic production in 2019. There is not much of locally produced gas left over for the free market, which is a clear violation of the basic principles of the European si Full article available for […]