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Turkey to invest 110 million dollars in the Black Sea gas infrastructure – Turkey, 19 February 2021

Turkey will be investing around 110 million dollars in the production and transmission infrastructure for the delivery of the natural gas that the country discovered in the Black Sea. The country looks to build a subsea gas production facility and a 155 kilometers long pipeline connecting to an onsh Full article available for subscribers of […]

TPP Sostanj abandons waste co-incineration project – Slovenia, 12 February 2021

The management of thermal power plant Sostanj, which operates under energy company HSE, said that it will not apply for an environmental permit for co-incineration of solid waste along with coal at its unit 6, after it received negative feedback from local authorities. The company said that it de Full article available for subscribers of […]

Turkali-1 drilling at Sakarya gas field completed – Turkey, 18 January 2021

Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) announced that drilling operations at the Turkali-1 well in the Sakarya gas field in the Black Sea have been completed after 77 days. The statement from the company said that operations of Turkey’s first drillship Fatih, which started on 5 November 2020, were Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS […]