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504,513 MWh traded on CROPEX in March – Croatia, 01 April 2020

A total volume of 504,513.1 MWh of electricity was traded on the Croatian energy exchange CROPEX in March 2020, which is 8.2 % less than in February, of which 481,633.3 MWh on the day-ahead market and 22,879.8 MWh on the intraday market. Traded volume in March 2020 was 46.3 % higher compared to the Full […]

Croatia to form radioactive waste management center at Trgovska Gora – Croatia, 01 April 2020

The fund for financing the decommissioning of nuclear power plant Krsko and the disposal of its radioactive waste said that it had received the approval from the Ministry of Environment and Energy for the use of former army barracks at Trgovska Gora for establishment of a radioactive waste managemen Full article available for subscribers of […]

Fuel demand plummeted amid coronavirus crisis – Greece, 02 April 2020

Market data for March confirmed the most pessimistic forecasts for fuel demand in the month when strict measures were introduced due to coronavirus outbreak. From a year-on-year decline of 13 % in the first week of March, petrol sales went on to drop 20 % in the second week when schools were clos Full article available for subscribers […]