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EPS to transform to joint stock company by October – Serbia, 14 February 2020

According to Serbian media, state-owned power utility EPS should transform from public enterprise to joint stock company by the end of the year, most likely in October. After that, in 2021, a stake in the company could be offered for sale to potential investors. Sources states that there is a pos Full article available for […]

EPS plans to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 90 % by 2025 – Serbia, 17 January 2020

Since 2001, when the process of modernization of production capacities began, with the aim of maintaining the security of supply, increasing energy efficiency and meeting EU standards, power plants operated by the state-owned power utility EPS are in much better shape compared to 15 years ago. This Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS […]

Israel is ready to discuss gas transit with Turkey – Turkey, 17 December 2019

According to Israeli media, Israel is open to talks with Turkey on its proposal to build a gas pipeline from Israel through Turkey to Europe. This pipeline would not be seen as an alternative to a pipeline that is planned to be built through Greece, Cyprus and Italy. However, Israeli Foreign Mini Full article available […]