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PPC’s financial recovery threatened by coronavirus crisis – Greece, 07 April 2020

Greek state-controlled Public Power Corporation (PPC) was on the way to recover from the financial crisis which resulted in a deficit of almost one billion euros in mid-2019, but its financial situation could now worsen as a result of coronavirus outbreak. PPC is in danger of increasing its defic Full article available for subscribers of […]

Petrol records sharp decline in sales in Slovenia and Croatia – Slovenia, 07 April 2020

Slovenian energy company Petrol said that its sales of petroleum products and merchandise since the start of the coronavirus epidemic in all its markets, especially in its two largest markets Slovenia and Croatia, have declined sharply. At certain petrol stations in Slovenia, sales have decreased Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS service (PDF […]

COVID19 crisis management in the Energy Community – Region, 03 April 2020

The current crisis following the spread of the COVID19 virus all over Europe puts unprecedented stress on the health systems in the first place, but also on every citizen and the economy as a whole. In this crisis, the energy sectors seem to be still functioning well, including in the Energy Communi Full article available […]