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Table of content, EnergyNEWS October-2 2017:


ANALYSIS – page 9

  • Basics of Cross Border Capacities allocation in South Eastern Europe
  • Weekly Carbon Trading Market update

ENERGY NEWS – page 17


18.10. – Gazprom continues to increase gas deliveries to SEE

20.10. – TAP to ensure 12 % of Italy’s gas consumption

24.10. – Bulgarian gas projects to help diversify Macedonian supply



19.10. – OSHEE to complete transmission line reconstruction in November

23.10. – OSHEE will not ask for an increase in price of electricity

26.10. – 11 applicants for solar power plant construction permits

31.10. – Turkish-Albanian consortium to build 120 MW HPP Vjosa


Bosnia and Herzegovina

19.10. – Gas consumption in FBiH is 12 % higher than planned

20.10. – FBiH launched tender for hydrocarbons exploration

21.10. – Overhaul of TPP Ugljevik completed

21.10. – Cooperation between ERS and EFT

23.10. – Austrian company interested in the construction of solar power plant in Ljubinje

23.10. – Debt of RiTE Gacko exceeds company’s assets

24.10. – Shell representatives have not met with Federal Government

25.10. – EBRD to provide loan for biomass heating plant in Banja Luka

25.10. – Chinese TEPC to sign a deal for TPP Kamengrad construction

27.10. – 815 GWh of electricity produced in FBiH in September

30.10. – Partnership agreement on wind farm Siroka Draga signed

31.10. – RS and Croatia signed agreement on gas link for Brod refinery

31.10. – Audit revised ERS’ 2016 financial report

02.11. – BiH produced 9,542 GWh of electricity in the first eight months of 2017

02.11. – BH-Gas strongly opposes Brod refinery’s gas link to Croatia



19.10. – EIB to finance the construction of CHPP in Sofia

20.10. – Electricity production increased by 2.17 % in 2017

26.10. – Unit 6 at NPP Kozloduy back online after maintenance

27.10. – Rosatom is prepared to invest in NPP Belene

27.10. – Coal-fired TPPs request deadline extension for application for derogation

30.10. – Production and delivery of energy products in August

31.10. – CEZ sold TPP Varna to SIGDA

01.11. – TPP Maritsa 3 increased profit in the first 9 months of 2017

01.11. – CEZ Distribution Bulgaria almost doubles its profit in the first 9 months of 2017



18.10. – 899 GWh of electricity produced in August

20.10. – Omisalj municipality opposes the LNG terminal project

20.10. – RP Global sold majority stake in its Croatian wind farms

24.10. – Croatia has 720 MW installed capacity in RES

27.10. – JANAF’s net profit increased by 5.4 % in the first nine months of 2017

27.10. – INA’s net profit increased almost four times

27.10. – Swiss court rejects to revoke ruling in INA-MOL arbitration

28.10. – Rosneft is interested in INA

30.10. – MOL is open to selling stake in INA

01.11. – Public debate on the environmental impact study of LNG terminal started



20.10. – PPC’s market share dropped in September

20.10. – RAE limited export of electricity from NOME auctions

23.10. – DEPA to lease LNG tanker at Revythoussa for the winter season

26.10. – NOME auction price reached 45.25 euros/MW

01.11. – RES-supporting surcharges to be reduced in 2018

31.10. – ELPE, Total, Edison consortium signed license agreement for Corfu Block 2


30.10. – Hungary and Slovakia signed an agreement on Eastring gas pipeline



19.10. – MEPSO to pay 800,000 euros in penalties to the EBRD

25.10. – Domestic production covered 80 % of consumption in August

19.10. – Energean announced first results of explorations in the Adriatic

20.10. – Average September electricity bill at 28.7 euros

20.10. – TPP Pljevlja project does not oppose the Paris agreement

24.10. – EPCG to invest 40 million euros in TPP Pljevlja in the next three years

25.10. – Jugopetrol to invest 20 million euros in petrol stations modernization

27.10. – EPCG and KAP reached agreement on electricity supply

30.10. – Jugopetrol achieved 6.5 million euros net profit in the first 9 months of 2017

02.11. – Transmission and distribution losses in 2016 amounted to 540 GWh

18.10. – Government sets royalties for Black Sea oil and gas exploration

18.10. – OMV Petrom rejects energy market manipulation allegations

19.10. – E-Distributie Dobrogea to invest 2.6 million euros in primary station modernization

19.10. – Romanian Parliament appoints new President of ANRE

20.10. – EIB to finance BRHA pipeline with 50 million euros loan to Transgaz

23.10. – Hidroelectrica estimates 245 million euros profit in 2018

23.10. – Electrica extends 22 million euros loan to its subsidiary

23.10. – Israel Electric Corporation to upgrade and convert CET Mintia thermal units

25.10. – Hidroelectrica will probably be listed in 2018

26.10. – Electrica’s shareholders approved the purchase of stakes in its subsidiaries

26.10. – Enel reaches 900,000 customers

27.10. – Resita-Pancevo 400 kV transmission line is nearing completion

27.10. – Gas prices for households remain unchanged until spring 2018

27.10. – OPCOM claims that electricity market was not manipulated

30.10. – Transgaz and EC Hunedoara signed gas transportation contract

30.10. – Some producers may be exempted from the obligation to trade on the exchange

30.10. – Nuclearelectrica to start an upgrade program for NPP Cernavoda

31.10. – Prospex Oil and Gas to start drilling in Romania by the end of 2017

01.11. – CEZ invested over 2.5 billion euros in Romania

01.11. – Transgaz interested in Moldovan Vestmoldtransgaz

01.11. – E.ON launched 100 % digital energy provider

02.11. – Electricity transmission network malfunction caused Bucharest outage

02.11. – Dedeman increased its stake in Electrica to 5.76 %

02.11. – Electrica bought minority stake in its subsidiaries from FP



18.10. – Elicio NV completes the construction of Malibunar wind farm

18.10. – ELPE interested in more investment in Serbia

23.10. – Construction of deep conversion unit at Pancevo refinery started

26.10. – EU to provide 50 million euros for Serbia-Bulgaria gas interconnection

31.10. – Construction of CHPP Pancevo to start in the second quarter of 2018


25.10. – Electricity consumption increased by 4 % in September



18.10. – EBRD approved 500 million dollars loan for TANAP

24.10. – Electricity consumption increased by 12 % in September

24.10. – Enerjisa ready for IPO in 2018

27.10. – TPP worth 1.7 billion dollars to be built in Adana

30.10. – Energy investments in 2017 exceeded 4 billion dollars

01.11. – Russia needs legal guarantees to extend TurkStream to EU soil

02.11. – TANAP attracts additional 1.3 billion dollars in financing


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