EnergyNEWS January-2 2018

January-2 2018 edition of Balkan Energy NEWS publication, with 126 pages and 145 energy news articles.

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Table of content, EnergyNEWS January-2 2018:



  • Basics of Cross Border Capacities allocation in South Eastern Europe
  • Weekly Carbon Trading Market update



18.01. – ICGB extended the tender for owner’s engineer for IGB pipeline

18.01. – Ukraine to resume natural gas imports from Russia

19.01. – Azerbaijan to allocate 1.3 billion dollars for Southern Gas Corridor

19.01. – Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ukraine failed to unbundle electricity distribution operators

23.01. – TAP construction 65 % completed

26.01. – 11 EU member states already reached RES targets for 2020


18.01. – OSHEE published a tender for substation upgrade

19.01. – ARMO sold assets worth 4 million euros to repay debt to Albpetrol

22.01. – KESH sold 75,600 MWh of electricity for 22 January – 4 February delivery

24.01. – Albania won arbitration against Italian company Hydro over HPP Kalivac

26.01. – Tirana Energji to build SHPP on the Ishem river

29.01. – OSHEE purchased 3,360 MWh of electricity for February delivery

31.01. – KESH sold 9,100 MW of electricity for 26 January – 1 February delivery

01.02. – Riviera 2008 to build SHPP on the Drin river

Bosnia and Herzegovina

22.01. – ERS to sell 26,880 MWh of electricity via tender

29.01. – 842 GWh of electricity produced in FBiH in December

31.01. – ERS launched tender for Hrgud wind farm consultancy services

01.02. – TPP Ugljevik production in January 17.5 % above planned


17.01. – TPP Varna expected to rejoin electricity market within two months

18.01. – NPP Belene project can move to technical approval stage

19.01. – ESO plans to launch a tender for 400 kV transmission line construction

19.01. – SERAW to launch 9 tenders related to decommissioning of units 1-4 at NPP Kozloduy

23.01. – Electricity production decreased in 2018

23.01. – NPP Belene project not possible without state participation

23.01. – No reason for electricity price hike

23.01. – CPC launched an investigation of electricity market

23.01. – Bulgargaz’ payments to Petroceltic frozen over third party dispute

24.01. – All state energy companies are profitable, except TPP Maritsa East 2

25.01. – Electricity traders owe 22.5 million euros to NEK

25.01. – ESO appointed new Board of Directors

26.01. – Shell to start exploration drilling in Khan Kubrat block in late 2018

26.01. – Plans for natural gas extraction near General Toshevo rejected

26.01. – Financial details on Balkan gas hub project will be presented in mid-2018

29.01. – TPP Bobov Dol recorded 1.4 million euros profit in 2017

29.01. – Mini Maritsa East published a 3.8 million euros worth equipment procurement tender

29.01. – Bulgaria interested in natural gas supply from Israel

29.01. – SAPO appealed court decision to dismiss compliant over gas price increase

30.01. – TPP Maritsa 3 recorded 3 million euros profit in 2017

30.01. – Energo-Pro Grid changed its name to Electrodistribution North

30.01. – Electricity production reached 4,006 GWh in November

31.01. – CEZ Distribution increased net profit in 2017

31.01. – Hydrocarbons concession at 1-12 Knezha block extended

31.01. – NEK to receive 240 million euros from Electricity System Security Fund in 2018

01.02. – EC approved IBEX acquisition


17.01. – LNG Hrvatska and Plinacro launched binding phase of open season procedure for LNG terminal

17.01. – Seven bids received on an invitation for advisor on the possible INA buyout

18.01. – 1,107 GWh of electricity produced in November

18.01. – First phase of the revitalization of two HEP’s HPPs completed

19.01. – Slovenian Petrol to enter Croatian gas market

20.01. – INA proposed restructuring plan for Sisak refinery

23.01. – Crodux to take over Tankerkomerc

24.01. – Croatia to align its gas supply market with EU regulations

24.01. – Another local gas distributor to be sold soon

26.01. – Plinacro to get EU funding for LNG terminal gas pipeline

30.01. – LNG terminal to improve Croatia’s role in EU energy policy

01.02. – Construction of LNG terminal proclaimed a strategic project

01.02. – Biomass CHPP in Sisak in trial operation


17.01. – Fuel prices rise despite the drop in demand

17.01. – Strong interest for offshore hydrocarbons exploration tenders

18.01. – Costs of leased LNG tanker to be taken by gas-fired electricity producers

23.01. – ADMIE pressured to speed up interconnection projects

23.01. – 15 investors interested in PPC’s coal-fired units sale

25.01. – Snam consortium to offer close to 400 million euros for stake in DESFA

26.01. – DEPA privatization expected expected to start in March

27.01. – Alternative scenarios for ELPE privatization

30.01. – Traders to be banned from NOME auctions

30.01. – Energean contracted Stena Drilling for drilling at the Karish field

01.02. – Energean signed 180 million dollars loan for Prinos, Epislon development


17.01. – GE won steam turbine procurement tender for NPP Paks 2

18.01. – MET Group to build Dunai solar park

19.01. – Government to support the construction of small solar parks

22.01. – Austria to sue EC over NPP Paks expansion

22.01. – Substation malfunction caused NPP Paks shutdown

22.01. – Israeli Enlight to build three solar power plants in Hungary

23.01. – MOL acquired three offshore licenses in Norway

24.01. – Construction of NPP Paks to start as planned despite Austria’s objections

30.01. – ALTEO Group to become sole owner of Zuglo-Therm


25.01. – 473 GWh of electricity produced in November

29.01. – WB6 technical project to support the establishment of day-ahead market in Macedonia

30.01. – MEPSO published a tender for the supply of relay protection systems

01.02. – MEPSO published a tender for substations rehabilitation


19.01. – Jugopetrol is planning to enter electricity market

22.01. – Electricity trading on MEPEX to start by the end of 2018

23.01. – Solar power plants to be build at Mozura

23.01. – Board of Directors of Pljevlja coalmine to determine takeover terms

24.01. – Krnovo wind farm produced 14,193 MWh of electricity in the first month

25.01. – RES incentives amounted to 4.52 million euros in 2017

31.01. – Agreement on the development of preliminary design of HPP Komarnica signed

01.02. – Novatek to invest 40 million euros in geological surveys

01.02. – EPCG approved coal purchase agreement with Pljevlja coalmine



17.01. – Gas producers reject accusations of unjustifiable price hikes

18.01. – Lukoil to invest over 30 million dollars in Petrotel refinery

19.01. – Output of unit 2 at NPP Cernavoda reduced due to repairs

19.01. – Dragomir reappointed as the Chairman of ANRM

19.01. – OMV has high expectations for the Black Sea Neptun block

19.01. – Transelectrica concluded maintenance contract with its subsidiary

19.01. – Chinese CNPC entered Romanian market

19.01. – Transgaz’ shareholders approved joining Regasificadora del Noroeste for DESFA bid

19.01. – RADET-ELCEN merger approved

22.01. – SOCAR expands its retail fuel network in Romania

22.01. – EximBank issued guarantees for Hidroconstructia’s project in Jordan

22.01. – Competition Council fined three companies over electricity meters deals

22.01. – OMV Petrom has no interest in cooperation with Gazprom

22.01. – Unit 2 at NPP Cernavoda operates at full capacity again

24.01. – New methodology for calculated the royalties for extracted natural gas

25.01. – EC refers Romania to Court for failing to comply with oil stocks regulations

25.01. – Arbitration Court rules in favor of Hidroelectrica in dispute against EFT

26.01. – Electrica Muntenia Nord will pay 1 million euros for call center services

26.01. – Transelectrica received 27 million euros grant for Cernavoda-Stalpu transmission line

26.01. – Minister of Energy Toma Petcu resigned

26.01. – EC Oltenia to loan 54 million euros for TPP Rovinari unit 5 upgrade

29.01. – Delgaz Grid get EU co-financing for substations upgrade

29.01. – Gas market should not be completely open

29.01. – Electrica invested 156 million euros in electricity network in 2017

30.01. – ExxonMobil launched 420 million dollars deal for drilling services in the Black Sea

31.01. – Conpet signed new oil transportation deal with OMV Petrom

31.01. – RADET’s special Administrator resigned

01.02. – OMV Petrom started the construction of fuel storage in Arad

01.02. – Nuclearelectrica expects five times higher profit in 2018

01.02. – 99 TWh of electricity traded on OPCOM in 2017



17.01. – DEG acquired 10 % stake in Cibuk 1 wind farm

18.01. – NIS to invest 140 million euros in Plandiste wind farm

18.01. – Trial operation of Alibunar wind farm to start in September

18.01. – French companies are interested in Serbian energy sector

19.01. – Canadian Reservoir Capital to withdrew from Serbian HPP project

23.01. – Modernization of two units at HPP Zvornik completed

24.01. – Serbia plans to build HPPs on the Morava and Ibar rivers

26.01. – EPS to invest 3 million euros in Arandjelovac substation

26.01. – Fintel Energija expects to receive 15 million euros through its IPO

26.01. – South Stream company to be renamed to Serbian Stream

30.01. – EPS earned 24 million euros from electricity exports in January



24.01. – HESS produced 456 GWh of electricity in 2017

25.01. – Electricity consumption increased by 4 % in December

26.01. – Gen Energija recorded 28 million euros net profit in 2017


17.01. – Construction of TurkStream receiving terminal started

17.01. – Borusan EnBW to invest 500 million dollars in wind energy

19.01. – 1.8 billion euros in public investments allocated for energy and mining sectors in 2018

20.01. – Turkey approved the second line of TurkStream gas pipeline

25.01. – Total gas imports rose by 25.1 % in November

25.01. – LPG imports increased by 2.14 % in November

25.01. – Crude oil imports dropped by 33.4 % in November

29.01. – Enerjisa to be listed on 1 February

29.01. – Over 50 % of the first line of TurkStream gas pipeline completed

30.01. – Gas imports from Azerbaijan increased in 2017

31.01. – Energy imports increased by 35 % in December

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