EnergyNEWS February-1 2018

February-1 2018 edition of Balkan Energy NEWS publication, with 120 pages and 134 energy news articles.

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Table of content, EnergyNEWS February-1 2018:



  • Basics of Cross Border Capacities allocation in South Eastern Europe
  • Weekly Carbon Trading Market update



06.02. – Chairman of ICGB’s Board of Directors resigned

06.02. – Romania and Hungary agreed on natural gas deliveries

07.02. – Five companies to create new power exchange for central and southeastern Europe

07.02. – Meeting of 12 Mediterranean gas infrastructure operators in Milan

07.02. – EIB approved 1.5 billion euros loan for TAP

08.02. – Appeals could delay Bulgaria-Greece gas interconnection

09.02. – Gazprom set a new record for gas exports to Europe in 2017

13.02. – Pipes along 80 % of TAP route in Greece and Albania are welded

13.02. – Tensions between Turkey and Cyprus on hydrocarbons exploration in Mediterranean rising

16.02. – New project company for IAP project implementation to be established

17.02. – Turkish blockade of Eni’s drilling ship off Cyprus coast continues


05.02. – Albania to continue with energy sector reforms

06.02. – Pennine Petroleum to start drilling in Velca block

09.02. – KESH sold 7,623 MWh of electricity for 6-9 February delivery

13.02. – Albania continues with market liberalization

16.02. – SOCAR to assist Albgaz in gas pipeline design

Bosnia and Herzegovina

02.02. – United States support gas interconnection with Croatia

03.02. – TPP Tuzla unit 7 consultancy services tender cancelled

03.02. – Operational license for the first wind farm in FBiH

06.02. – TPP Ugljevik expects profit in 2018

07.02. – RS threatens to halt gas supply to FBiH if debt is not settled

08.02. – Energopetrol increased its capital

08.02. – HPP Visegrad produced 96 GWh of electricity in January

09.02. – Local company Euroasfalt should soon take over HPP Vranduk construction

10.02. – Coal production in FBiH increased by 9.24 % in 2017

10.02. – ERS earned 10.7 million euros from electricity exports in January

12.02. – INA increased its stake in Energopetrol

13.02. – EPBiH allocated 42 million euros for electricity purchases in 2018

15.02. – EPBiH submitted a proposal for electricity price hike


02.02. – Mini Maritsa East extended equipment rehabilitation agreement with Energoremont

02.02. – TAP could meet 40 % of Bulgaria’s gas needs

02.02. – State cannot influence electricity prices on the market

05.02. – Bulgartransgaz to launch 3 gas pipeline construction tenders

06.02. – BSA acquired IBEX

06.02. – IBEX to launch intraday market in early March

06.02. – Employers’ Associations withdrew their request for the resignation of Minister of Energy

07.02. – Electricity production decreased in 2018

08.02. – Bulgartransgaz invites offers for the supply of gas for operational balancing

09.02. – Bulgargaz proposes 7 % gas price increase for Q2 2018

09.02. – 5 % lower day-ahead prices recorded on IBEX in January

09.02. – Power purchase agreements with US-owned TPPs could be terminated

12.02. – CEZ delayed the decision on the sale of its Bulgarian assets

12.02. – Amendments on the Energy Act to cause more harm than good

13.02. – TPP Maritsa East 2 released profile products on IBEX

15.02. – Fitch upgraded BEH’s rating to BB

15.02. –
Deadline for application for derogation by coal-fired TPPs extended

16.02. – CEZ Distribution Bulgaria issued equipment procurement tenders worth 5.7 million euros


05.02. – JANAF concluded new oil transportation and storage contracts with NIS and MOL

13.02. – INA should not be sold to Russian investor

15.02. – RWE officially confirmed Montcogim acquisition

17.02. – LNG terminal project progressing according to schedule


06.02. – EU climate change actions could lower the price of PPC’s coal-fired units

08.02. – Price of 41.45 euros/MWh reached at this year’s first NOME auction

08.02. – PPC has to cut expenses by 500 million euros in 2018

09.02. – PPC’s market share dropped in January

09.02. – Mytilineos Group offered to upgrade TPP Amynteo for long-term electricity supply deal

13.02. – Energean extended Prinos offtake agreement with BP until 2025

13.02. – PPC to wait for Government’s decision regarding TPP Amynteo modernization proposal

15.02. – EC rejected TPP Amynteo operational life extension

15.02. – DEPA and Shell agreed on roadmap for EPA Attiki acquisition

16.02. – Two offers at DESFA tender


05.02. – MOL to start gas production at Vizvar gas field

06.02. – Hungary to repay first drawdown of NPP Paks expansion loan

08.02. – Elmu-Emasz to increase investments in network development

09.02. – Hungary to end gas dependency on Russia

12.02. – EC approved EPH’s acquisition of majority stake in Matrai Eromu

15.02. – NPP Paks accounted for 50 % of Hungary’s electricity production in 2017

17.02. – Hungary to reduce electricity imports via RES and NPP Paks expansion


15.02. – Electricity production dropped 9.7 % in 2017


02.02. – Transmet cancelled the contract with REK Bitola

16.02. – New coal contractor at REK Bitola to receive two times higher price


03.02. – PowerChina interested in the construction of second unit at TPP Pljevlja

07.02. – Construction of second unit at TPP Pljevlja is not cost-effective

10.02. – Poor hydrological conditions decreased electricity production in 2017

12.02. – EPCG to join SEEPEX in the second half of 2018

13.02. – 6 bids at TPP Pljevlja reconstruction tender

15.02. – Average January electricity bill at 41.6 euros

15.02. – IAP is the best option for country’s gasification



02.02. – State expects 230 million euros from Rompetrol, ELCEN privatizations

02.02. – Extensive reforms expected in 2018

02.02. – EC Oltenia could face problems with coal production

02.02. – Hidroelectrica launched a tender for D&O liability insurance

06.02. – Transgaz plans 1.62 billion euros investments in 2018-2020 period

06.02. – Chevron to pay over 97 million dollars to Romanian state

06.02. – Unit 1 at NPP Cernavoda can operate until 2026

06.02. – Public debate on the new methodology for calculating natural gas royalties

07.02. – Individuals cannot deliver produced electricity to the network

07.02. – Unchanged gas reference price cost the state 1.5 billion euros

07.02. – CEZ’ Fantanele-Cogealac wind farm produced 1,323 GWh of electricity in 2017

08.02. – State-owned companies to allocate 90 % of profit to dividends

08.02. – Gas infrastructure cannot be exclusively contracted by one country

07.02. – MoU on the construction of units 3 and 4 at NPP Cernavoda to be extended by 6 months

09.02. – Gas reference price to be based on CEGH price

09.02. – Enel remains Romanian top electricity supplier

13.02. – Oil Terminal recorded 66.9 % lower profit in 2017

13.02. – OPCOM day-ahead traded volume rose by 8.17 % in January

12.02. – Transgaz partnered with Eustream on Eastring project

12.02. – ROPEPCA is against gas reference price based on CEGH

13.02. – Electricity consumption decreased by 0.4 % in 2017

14.02. – Nasdaq and OPCOM signed new market technology agreement

14.02. – Hidroelectrica will not be listed in 2018

14.02. – Law that eliminates corporate governance from state-owned companies declared unconstitutional

14.02. – Capital overhaul of existing units at NPP Cernavoda should be a priority

15.02. – Nuclearelectrica’s profit increased almost three times in 2017

15.02. – Romgaz recorded 82.4 % higher net profit in 2017

15.02. – Transgaz recorded slightly increased profit in 2017

15.02. – Electrica’s profit dropped in 2017

16.02. – Transelectrica’s profit dropped by 90 % in 2017

16.02. – Transgaz interested in the development of Greek LNG terminal

16.02. – MOL Romania opened its first charging station in Bucharest

16.02. – EC Oltenia expects 42.5 million euros profit in 2017

17.02. – Rompetrol Rafinare recorded 22 million dollars profit in 2017



02.02. – Biomass heating plant to be built in Priboj

02.02. – EPS to invest 7.6 million euros in new substation in Belgrade

05.02. – Serbia will not be left without gas after 2019

06.02. – Gazprom considers increasing its stake in South Stream Serbia AG

08.02. – Israeli Madei Taas interested in Serbia’s energy sector

14.02. – Stake ratio in Gastrans to remain the same



05.02. – New gas-fired unit at TPP Brestanica prepares for trial operation

13.02. – ELES announced auction for the purchase of electricity for tertiary regulation in March

16.02. – GEN-I achieved over 2 billion euros in revenues in 2017


02.02. – Electricity imports bill dropped by 60 % in 2017

02.02. – TANAP gas pipeline begins line fill

06.02. – Turkish consortium withdrew from NPP Akkuyu project

06.02. – Iran has fully settled gas export debt to Turkey

07.02. – Electricity consumption increased by 3.3 % in January

07.02. – Rosatom in talks with state-owned EUAS on NPP Akkuyu project

08.02. – Turkey put second floating LNG storage unit into operation

09.02. – Gazprom increases total investment in TurkStream to 7 billion dollars

09.02. – Wind capacity reached almost 7 GW

10.02. – Turkey is the European leader in solar power growth in 2017

12.02. – Number of eligible consumers decreased by 11.3 % in January

12.02. – Filling process at Lake Tuz underground gas storage started

16.02. – TANAP to be launched in July

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