EnergyNEWS April-2 2018

April-2 2018 edition of Balkan Energy NEWS publication, with 122 pages and 123 energy news articles.

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Table of content, EnergyNEWS April-2 2018:


ANALYSIS – page 9

  • Basics of Cross Border Capacities allocation in South Eastern Europe
  • Weekly Carbon Trading Market update

ENERGY NEWS – page 17


18.04. – Energy Ministers of Serbia and Turkey discussed gas projects
18.04. – Bulgaria willing to participate in Alexandroupoli LNG project
19.04. – ICGB to select pipe supplier in June
19.04. – Italian Edison to buy natural gas from Azerbaijan
20.04. – Romania and Bulgaria among least energy imports dependent countries in EU
24.04. – Pipes along 87 % of TAP route in Greece and Albania are welded
26.04. – MRC market coupling through HR-SI border on 19 June
30.04. – Bulgarian and Turkish energy exchanges to cooperate in the development of gas spot market
30.04. – ICGB launched Bulgaria-Greece gas interconnection construction tender
03.05. – Crodux got approval for the construction of gas pipeline to Bosanski Brod


25.04. – AB-01 Energji to build SHPP near Elbasan
27.04. – OSHEE purchased 3,720 MWh of electricity for May delivery
30.04. – KESH launched invitation for Drin river cascade dam safety project
02.05. – OSHEE continues to reduce distribution losses

Bosnia and Herzegovina

18.04. – Geo Power Group interested in investing in BiH
20.04. – ERS Management Board resigned
24.04. – BiH did not meet its obligations to EnC despite the threat of sanctions
26.04. – Trial operation of SHPP Bocac 2 to start in August
27.04. – 1,055 GWh of electricity produced in FBiH in March
28.04. – MoC for wind farm near Livno signed
30.04. – Podvelezje wind farm should be completed in Q3 2019


19.04. – TPP Maritsa East 2 signed a contract for desulfurization system repairs
20.04. – Mini Maritsa East to invest 43.5 million euros in new excavators
20.04. – NEK achieved positive financial results in 2017
21.04. – Unit 5 at NPP Kozloduy taken offline for annual overhaul
23.04. – Maritsa East unions demand increase in coal price
24.04. – New amendments to Energy Law will restrict prices on the regulated market
24.04. – Both electricity production and consumption decreased in 2018
26.04. – TPP Maritsa East 2 shuts down two boilers at unit 4
26.04. – KEVR to endorse transactions of strategic energy companies
26.04. – Amendments to the Energy Law adopted
27.04. – CEZ Electro profit tripled in Q1 2018
30.04. – TPP Bobov Dol recorded minimal profit in Q1 2018
30.04. – Electricity production reached 3,881 GWh in February
30.04. – ESO published 12.4 million euros worth transmission line repairs tender
03.05. – CEZ Distribution Bulgaria recorded slightly higher profit in Q1 2018
03.05. – BEH plans new bonds issue on Irish and Bulgarian Stock Exchanges


20.04. – Director of LNG Hrvatska dismissed
20.04. – INA’s future CEO intends to close Sisak refinery
20.04. – HEP plans investments in RES, hydropower and gas-fired cogeneration
24.04. – Second round of LNG terminal binding lease tender postponed
26.04. – JANAF recorded slightly higher profit in Q1 2018
27.04. – INA’s net profit plummeted in Q1 2018
30.04. – Dalekovod Group recorded lower revenues in Q1 2018


19.04. – Hellenic Petroleum privatization tender launched
19.04. – Draft bill on the sale of PPC’s coal-fired units submitted to the Parliament
20.04. – Snam-led consortium selected as preferred DESFA investor
20.04. – PPC union announced strikes, not electricity supply interruptions expected
23.04. – PPC union’s strike actions started
24.04. – More hydropower to be included in NOME auctions
26.04. – Repsol interested in acquiring 50.1 % stake in ELPE
26.04. – Parliament approved PPC’s coal units sale, union cancels rolling strikes
27.04. – RES auctions scheduled for 2 July
27.04. – PPC acquired Macedonian EDS for 4.8 million euros
02.05. – Greek electricity second most expensive in Europe
03.05. – PPC recorded lower revenues in 2017


30.04. – Government amended RES support scheme for small solar power plants


24.04. – Working group for HPP Cebren and Galiste projects to be established
26.04. – 555 MWh of electricity produced in February
26.04. – ELEM sells surplus electricity
03.05. – Makpetrol’s profit doubled in Q1 2018


20.04. – Wind farm Krnovo produced 16,108 MW of electricity in February
21.04. – Pljevlja coalmine recorded 5.8 million euros profit in 2017
23.04. – EPCG launched buyout bid for Pljevlja coalmine
26.04. – Government to accept EPCG’s buyout offer for Pljevlja coalmine
26.04. – 9 million euros for the modernization of Piva and Perucica HPPs
27.04. – Jugopetrol recorded lower profit in Q1 2018
30.04. – CEDIS reduced network connection fees


18.04. – Ministry of Energy urges Transgaz to distribute 90 % of last year’s profit as dividends
18.04. – New RES target for 2030 set to 35 %
18.04. – Romania needs to decide what to do with the Black Sea gas
18.04. – Transelectrica appointed President of its Supervisory Board
19.04. – Romgaz to withdraw from two blocks in Slovakia
19.04. – New auction for RAFO Onesti industrial platform
19.04. – Competition Council finds that electricity tariffs are inflated
19.04. – Dedeman stake in Conpet reached 7.4 %
20.04. – Fondul Proprietatea sold its stake in Conpet
20.04. – Competition Council did not open an investigation into green certificates market
20.04. – ANRE will recalculate electricity distribution tariffs
21.04. – RES accounted for 70 % of national output on Friday
23.04. – KMGI extended 360 million dollars credit line by 2021
23.04. – Coal production dropped by 9 % in 2018
23.04. – Minimum guaranteed price for low-carbon electricity could be set
24.04. – BRM estimates that 75 % of gas consumption will be traded on the exchange
24.04. – EC Oltenia produced 13 % more electricity in Q1 2018
24.04. – Oil imports rose by 20 % in 2018
26.04. – Romgaz approved dividend payout of 418 million euros
26.04. – OMV Petrom appointed new CFO
26.04. – Electrica to contest Competition Council’s decision in court
27.04. – Regular overhaul of NPP Cernavoda unit 1 starts on 2 May
27.04. – OMV Petrom increases 2018 investments by 58 %
27.04. – ANRE to reduce regulated rate of return for electricity distributors to 5.07 %
27.04. – Electrica approved dividends of 0.17 euros/share
28.04. – Price of imported gas decreased by 20 % in 2017
03.05. – OMV Petrom recorded 38 % higher profit in Q1 2018


19.04. – New RES support scheme is in the making
19.04. – Fintel Energija submitted an application for listing on the Belgrade Stock Exchange
20.04. – World Bank to support restructuring of EPS
20.04. – Suez to start the construction of waste-to-energy facility in 2018
23.04. – Detailed plan for gas interconnection with Bulgaria will be revealed soon
24.04. – Two-thirds of wind turbines installed at Alibunar wind farm
25.04. – Serbia to increase RES share in electricity production
27.04. – NIS invested 66 million euros in Q1 2018
02.05. – Overhaul of TENT unit A4 will be completed by end-July


18.04. – BSP to stage an auction for the purchase of electricity for TALUM
25.04. – Electricity consumption increased by 4 % in March
26.04. – TPP Sostanj unit 6 regular overhaul starts on 7 May
26.04. – Triglav sold its stakes in Geoplin and Plinhold
27.04. – Petrol approved 16 euros/share dividend payout
02.05. – NPP Krsko back online after month-long overhaul


18.04. – Turkey to add 10,000 MW in both solar and wind energy in the next ten years
18.04. – First commercial deliveries of gas via TANAP to start on 30 June
20.04. – Half of Turkey’s energy produced from local resources
24.04. – Japanese Itochu pulls out of Turkish NPP Sinop project
25.04. – TANAP to be commissioned in early June
26.04. – Turkey needs investments of over 7 billion euros in smart grids
27.04. – Crude oil imports dropped by 23.9 % in February
28.04. – Total gas imports rose by 2.9 % in February
28.04. – Electricity production rose by 3.2 % in February
30.04. – First line of TurkStream pipeline reached Turkish coast
30.04. – Energy imports increased by 13.8 % in March
02.05. – Electricity import bill dropped by 63.6 % in Q1 2018
02.05. – Turkish, Azeri companies will jointly operate TANAP

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