Energy NEWS October-1 2021

Edition October-1 2021 with 111 pages and 104 energy news articles

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Table of content, edition October-1 2021


01.10. – Increase of NTC values on Montenegro-Kosovo border direction between 4 and 10 October
01.10. – Curtailment on TR-GR border for 8-14 November 2021
05.10. – Successful SIDC third wave go-live
05.10. – Bulgaria-Romania day-ahead market coupling planned for 27 October
05.10. – Greece proposes EU-wide mechanism on rising energy costs
07.10. – Western Balkans to align with EU ETS by 2024
07.10. – Curtailment on IT-ME border for 9 October
08.10. – EU member states must preserve benefits of the internal energy market while safeguarding consumers
08.10. – Results of CORE FB MC projects’ external parallel run reach high level in maturity
08.10. – Increase of NTC values on Montenegro-Kosovo border direction between 11 and 17 October
11.10. – All NEMOs to jointly publish day-ahead aggregated curves as of 14 October
12.10. – Curtailment update on TR-GR border in November
12.10. – Mercuria and CWP join forces to develop 2 GW of renewables in southeastern Europe
12.10. – 10 EU member states urge EC to declare nuclear energy as green source
13.10. – Curtailment on IT-ME border for 17 October
13.10. – SDAC decoupling training session with market participants
13.10. – EU unveils measures to tackle increase in energy prices
15.10. – Increase of NTC values on Montenegro-Kosovo border direction between 18 and 24 October

01.10. – 7 TWh of electricity produced in the first eight months of 2021
05.10. – Albania launched HPP Skavica project
11.10. – Government declared state of emergency in the energy sector

Bosnia and Herzegovina
04.10. – ERS’ subsidiary submitted EIA request for three HPPs on the Bistrica river
08.10. – ERS to issue bonds on the Vienna Stock Exchange
12.10. – BiH imported electricity worth 53.5 million euros in the first eight months of 2021
15.10. – EPBiH produced 6.18 % more electricity in the first nine months of 2021

01.10. – KEVR approved 36.2 % wholesale gas price hike for October
01.10. – Eurohold submitted improved buyout bid for CEZ Distribution
01.10. – Bulgaria to close coal-fired power plants by 2036
01.10. – NPP Kozloduy tenders – first measure against soaring electricity prices
04.10. – Electricity generation rose by 13.7 % in 2021
06.10. – Axpo Bulgaria prepares pilot power purchase agreements
07.10. – Bulgarian Development Bank to provide support for small-scale solar projects
07.10. – Energy Ministry and IBEX initiate changes to the exchange’s operational rules
08.10. – Toplofikatsiya Sofia to record 64 million euros loss due to high gas, CO2 prices
08.10. – TPP Maritsa East 3 generated 13 % of Bulgaria’s electricity in the first nine months of 2021
11.10. – 2,209 GWh traded on IBEX in September
11.10. – GBS consortium to build gas interconnection with Serbia
12.10. – Eurohold’s buyout bids accepted
13.10. – Miners protest against closure of coal-fired power plants
14.10. – Bulgargaz proposes 32 % wholesale gas price hike for November
14.10. – Bulgaria to phase-out coal by 2038 at earliest
15.10. – President Radev vows to defend coal-fired power plants
15.10. – EC to support Bulgaria if it proceeds with the NPP Belene project

01.10. – 540,432 MWh traded on CROPEX in September
01.10. – HEP’s profit rose by 30 % in H1 2021
04.10. – HEP to pay at least 2.5 million euros more for water from the Busko lake
06.10. – HEP regained investment grade status
06.10. – ENSOLX launched public call for geothermal power plant
07.10. – Petrol completed the acquisition of Crodux Derivati Dva
11.10. – GPZ to increase gas prices for commercial consumers
11.10. – HEP to build solar power plants in cooperation with municipalities
14.10. – Croatia capped retail fuel prices for 30 days
15.10. – 1,000 GWh of electricity produced in August
15.10. – INA to supply premium fuels only until stocks last

01.10. – ELPE launched group restructuring plan
05.10. – Energean received 30-month extension for Ioannina block
04.10. – Mytilineos awarded 52.8 MW solar license in Italy
06.10. – PPC to offer of 2,100 GWh of lignite-based electricity by the end of October
07.10. – PPC Renewables and RWE launched joint venture to develop 2 GW in solar capacity
08.10. – Electricity price rose by 189 % in the past year
08.10. – Government has doubled energy subsidies
13.10. – RES special account surplus to reach 244 million euros
14.10. – PPC sold almost all lignite-based electricity packages for 2022
15.10. – Greece and Egypt signed agreement on the first electricity link between Europe and Africa
15.10. – Natural gas more expensive than heating oil

04.10. – 2.33 TWh traded on HUPX in September
04.10. – NPP Paks expansion project did not get long-awaited permit
08.10. – Photon Energy plans 50 million euros green bond issue to finance solar projects

07.10. – ESM to increase coal-based electricity generation to keep up with rising prices
12.10. – wpd to build 415 MW wind farm in North Macedonia
15.10. – Energy transition starts with TPP Oslomej

08.10. – Average September electricity bill at 25.3 euros
08.10. – Government seeks foreign partners for SHPPs

01.10. – 4.3 GW of gas and renewable capacity to replace coal by 2025
04.10. – Azomures cuts production due to high energy prices
05.10. – Government adopted compensation scheme for residential consumption in winter season
05.10. – Romgaz to set green targets for 2030
05.10. – Electrica Furnizare selected as the supplier of last resort for October
05.10. – Nova Power & Gas to build 123 MW cogeneration plant
06.10. – ExxonMobil extends Romgaz’ exclusivity negotiations period
07.10. – Average day-ahead OPCOM price rose in September
08.10. – Transelectrica and Delgaz Grid signed an agreement on the implementation of CARMEN project
08.10. – OMV Petrom’s hydrocarbon output dropped in Q3 2021
11.10. – Romanian gas suppliers unable to secure contracts with Gazprom
12.10. – Electricity consumption rose by 6.2 % in the first eight months of 2021
14.10. – Unit 2 of NPP Cernavoda was automatically disconnected from the network
14.10. – Romgaz expects to complete gas unit at TPP Iernut by the end of 2022
15.10. – Clariant completes ethanol plant in Romania
15.10. – Electricity imports hit record high due to NPP Cernavoda outage

01.10. – 56 MW solar power plant to be built near Bor
01.10. – 243,040 MWh traded on SEEPEX in September
04.10. – WV International Emergy to build 80 MW solar power plant
07.10. – Commercial consumers should be able to buy electricity at capped prices
11.10. – NIS submitted the only offer at Petrohemija’s privatization tender
13.10. – Ivicom to build 150 MW wind farm in eastern Serbia
13.10. – Serbia should lift moratorium on NPP construction

08.10. – Businesses urge the Government to take measure against rising energy prices
12.10. – Petrol to increase electricity, gas prices as of 1 December
12.10. – Ascent expects 100,000 euros per month revenues from Petisovci gas field
14.10. – Government has no plans for introducing measures against rising energy prices
15.10. – NPP Krsko production in September
15.10. – HSE officially acquired 51 % stake in ECE

01.10. – Turkey launched another 1.5 GW solar tender
01.10. – Crude oil imports dropped by 3 % in July
01.10. – Natural gas imports rose by 30 % in July
01.10. – Electricity consumption rose by 0.33 % in September
01.10. – Turkey launched natural gas futures market
06.10. – Eksim Energy to build wind farm in Ukraine
14.10. – Azerbaijan to increase natural gas exports to Turkey
15.10. – Subsea 7 consortium wins contract for Sakarya field offshore installations
15.10. – Turkey signs new gas deal with Azerbaijan


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