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Edition November-1 2018 with 120 pages and 104 energy news articles

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Table of content, edition November-1 2018


– 02.11. EBRD plans to stop coal financing
– 03.11. Southern Gas Corridor included in US sanctions exception list
– 03.11. Intergovernmental agreement on IGB pipeline to be signed in the first half of 2019
– 06.11. Koncar signed substation reconstruction deals in Macedonia
– 08.11. EC approved state aid for Bulgaria-Greece gas interconnection
– 12.11. Azerbaijan reveals forecasts on gas transportation in 2019-2023
– 13.11. TAP project 82 % completed
– 13.11. Albania and Kosovo plan to build 200 MW HPP

– 05.11. Applications for three SHPPs received
– 08.11. KESH organized tenders for electricity purchase/sale
– 08.11. EBRD to provide 6 million euros loan for boosting energy efficiency
– 12.11. Consortium led by Indian company won 100 MW solar power plant tender
– 14.11. TAP finalized maintenance agreement with Albgaz-Snam joint venture
– 14.11. OSHEE purchased 76,500 MWh of electricity for November delivery

Bosnia and Herzegovina
– 02.11. RiTE Ugljevik recorded profit in the first nine months of 2018
– 02.11. World Bank approved additional 32 million dollars financing for energy efficiency project
– 02.11. Ministry denied environmental permits for TPP Tuzla’s units 5 and 6
– 03.11. Record electricity exports in the first nine months of 2018
– 08.11. Action Plan for the use of renewable energy sources adopted
– 09.11. Overhaul of TPP Ugljevik completed ahead of schedule
– 12.11. HET recorded profit in the first nine months of 2018
– 12.11. RS projects annual electricity surpluses of 1,500 GWh

– 02.11. Bulgartransgaz to lose most of its revenues due to TurkStream project
– 06.11. ESO net profit halved in the first nine months of 2018
– 06.11. Bulgartransgaz recorded higher profits
– 06.11. Bulgargaz net profit increased in the first nine months of 2018
– 06.11. Profit of NPP Kozloduy significantly increased
– 06.11. TPP Maritsa East 2 continues to accumulate losses
– 06.11. NEK’s losses increased in the first nine months of 2018
– 07.11. Akuo Energy acquired four HPPs in Bulgaria
– 07.11. Electricity production increased in 2018
– 07.11. Mini Maritsa East recorded lower profit in the first nine months of 2018
– 07.11. IBEX increased net profit, – revenues
– 07.11. Total started drilling the third well in Khan Asparuh block
– 07.11. Procedure for selecting investor for NPP Belene project unveiled
– 08.11. BEH fully repaid Eurobonds issue from 2013
– 09.11. Bulgargaz proposes 4.98 % gas price increase for Q1 2019
– 09.11. CEZ faces 30 November deadline for the sale of its Bulgarian assets
– 14.11. Bulgaria to launch gas exchange within Balkan gas hub project

– 02.11. New onshore hydrocarbon exploration tender launched
– 06.11. 449,305 MWh traded on CROPEX in October
– 08.11. JANAF acquired 9 % stake in Petrokemija
– 09.11. Norwegian company won FSRU vessel tender
– 13.11. HEP Opskrba to supply electricity for the city of Zagreb

– 02.11. Fuel sales dropped by 2.8 % in the first nine months of 2018
– 02.11. Revythoussa LNG terminal to be fully operational after 22 November
– 08.11. ELPE binding bids deadline postponed
– 08.11. Government plans to keep TPP Amynteo operational after the expiration of EC-set limit
– 09.11. ELPE recorded 32 % higher profit in the first nine months of 2018
– 09.11. Deadline for PPC’s coal-fired units sale set for 15 December
– 13.11. ELPE binding bids deadline set for January 2019
– 13.11. High interest for Alexandroupoli LNG terminal market test
– 15.11. Motor Oil acquired 90 % stake in NRG

– 09.11. MOL increased EBITDA mid-term target by 10 %
– 12.11. NPP Paks expansion may be delayed until 2032

– 15.11. Electricity production reached 1.248 GWh in Q3 2018

– 09.11. Public debate on draft RES regulations
– 12.11. Makpetrol recorded significantly higher profit in the first nine months of 2018

– 02.11. Krnovo wind farm produced 13,239 MWh of electricity in September
– 03.11. 1,637 unplanned interruption in electricity distribution network in 2017
– 05.11. Exploration activities in the Adriatic to start on 10 November
– 09.11. Pljevlja coalmine recorded slightly higher profit in the first nine months of 2018
– 13.11. CEDIS to invest 50 million euros in electricity network
– 14.11. Average October electricity bill at 28 euros
– 15.11. Mozura wind farm to start trial operation by end-November

– 02.11. Black Sea gas important for – but even more for Europe
– 02.11. Greenpeace contests environmental permit for TPP Rovinari
– 05.11. Higher estimated energy consumption for this winter season
– 06.11. Hidroelectrica recorded gross profit of 425 million euros
– 06.11. New offshore hydrocarbon law affects the principle of stability and introduces new taxes
– 06.11. Support scheme for prosumers may not be ready before 1 January
– 06.11. ELCEN requests 10 % production price increase
– 07.11. Conpet appointed new Director General
– 08.11. Romania to recover incompatible state aid from EC Hunedoara
– 09.11. RWEA claims that 1,200 MW in wind power by 2030 is not enough
– 09.11. Romgaz and Nuclearelectrica paid additional dividends
– 09.11. BSOG and Transgaz signed 15-years gas transmission contract
– 09.11. OPCOM day-ahead prices continue to rise in October
– 12.11. President Iohannis signed hydrocarbon offshore law
– 12.11. Romelectro gets funding from EximBank
– 12.11. Romania wins trial against Alpiq at ICSID
– 13.11. Enel plans to install 2,500 electric cars charging points in Romania
– 13.11. Electricity consumption increased by 1.9 % in the first nine months of 2018
– 14.11. Nuclearelectrica’s profit increased in the first nine months of 2018
– 14.11. Transgaz’ profit still in decline
– 14.11. Conpet’s profit decreased in the first nine months of 2018
– 15.11. FP plans to bring Engie Romania to the capital market
– 15.11. Transelectrica recorded significantly higher profit in 2018
– 15.11. Electrica recorded 67 million euros profit in the first nine months of 2018

– 05.11. 196,773 MWh of electricity traded on SEEPEX in October
– 09.11. 4.2 million euros allocated for energy efficiency in 2019
– 10.11. Works on Banatski Dvor gas storage expansion to start in Q2 2019
– 14.11. NIS recorded 8 % higher profit in the first nine months of 2018
– 14.11. Fintel shares to start trading on 20 November

– 06.11. 104.8 million euros paid for RES subsidies in the first nine months of 2018
– 06.11. 699,040 MWh traded on BSP in October

– 02.11. Turkey exempted from Iran sanctions
– 03.11. Electricity imports bill dropped by 22.6 % in the first nine months of 2018
– 07.11. Tender for 1,000 MW in wind power launched
– 09.11. Turkey granted 25 % waiver on US oil sanctions against Iran
– 09.11. – Turkmenistan discussed Trans-Caspian gas pipeline
– 12.11. Turkey signed 200 million dollars energy efficiency deal with the World Bank
– 14.11. Kaylon-Turkerler applied for 1,000 MW wind pre-license
– 15.11. Offshore test drillings to start in south Turkey


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