Energy NEWS March-2 2022

Edition March-2 2022 with 138 pages and 114 energy news articles

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Table of content, edition March-2 2022


17.03. – Ukrainian and Moldovan electricity systems synchronized with Continental Europe
17.03. – TAP delivers 10 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe
18.03. – Increase of NTC values on Montenegro – Kosovo border direction between 21 and 27 March
18.03. – Curtailment on IT-ME border for 21-22 March
18.03. – SEE electricity prices to remain above 150 euros/MWh in the next few months
21.03. – Increase of NTC values on IT-ME border for 23-24 March
21.03. – SEEGAS addresses vulnerabilities to gas disruptions in southeastern Europe
21.03. – EU considering embargo on Russian oil imports
22.03. – EU to mandate 90 % of gas storage capacity filled for the next winter
23.03. – Core FB MC member testing starts on 4 April
23.03. – Russia plans to sell gas to EU countries in rubles
23.03. – EU member states to jointly purchase natural gas, LNG, hydrogen
25.03. – Increase of NTC values on Montenegro – Kosovo border direction between 28 March and 4 April
29.03. – Paying for Russian gas in rubles is unacceptable
29.03. – Croatia and Slovenia to strengthen energy cooperation
01.04. – Increase on NTC values on Montenegro – Kosovo border direction between 4 and 10 April
04.04. – EPEX SPOT, Serbian, Slovenian TSOs to establish first regional power exchange for Central and SE Europe

18.03. – Albania invites bids for 100 MW in wind capacity
22.03. – Electricity imports in the first four months could reach 320 million euros
28.03. – So far, Albania spent 92 million euros on electricity imports in 2022
01.04. – OSHEE launched tender for the first phase of smart meters installation project

Bosnia and Herzegovina
16.03. – Higher purchase price for electricity generated by TPP Gacko
16.03. – Voith Hydro to supply turbine for HPP Dabar
17.03. – Hungarian company to hold 70 % stake in Trebinje 1 solar power plant
17.03. – RS to build 1 GW in RES capacity by 2029
18.03. – M.T. Abraham Group to invest 32 million euros in solar projects
23.03. – BiH to introduce CO2 emissions trading system by 2026
23.03. – ERS with 400 million euros RES projects in the pipeline
24.03. – ERS is lending electricity to EPS
24.03. – CHPP Zenica commissioned
25.03. – Environmental concerns over TPP Tuzla, Kakanj units’ lifetime extension
28.03. – 767 GWh of electricity produced in FBiH in February
01.04. – Gross electricity generation reached 1,682 GWh in January

16.03. – Electricity generation increased by 23 % in 2022
17.03. – TPP Bobov Dol to switch to natural gas
17.03. – Energy Ministry proposes rising compensation ceiling price
18.03. – Bulgaria-Greece gas interconnection will be commissioned on 1 July
21.03. – wpd to invest in two wind farms in Bulgaria
22.03. – Bulgaria’s electricity consumption to reach 43 TWh by 2031
23.03. – AOBR calls for renewal of gas supply contract with Gazprom
23.03. – Eurohold acquired over 96 % stake in former CEZ distribution and supply companies
25.03. – Bulgaria distributed over 2 billion euros in energy subsidies since December
28.03. – IP3 to support low-carbon energy solutions in Bulgaria
30.03. – Bulgartransgaz launched another tender related to Chiren underground gas storage expansion
31.03. – Bulgaria offers excellent conditions for solar power development
01.04. – Electricity generation reached 5,168 GWh in January
01.04. – KEVR approved 25 % wholesale gas price hike for April

17.03. – INA starts gas production at the new well in the Adriatic Sea
18.03. – Croatia could increase its gas production by 20 % by 2024
21.03. – Domestic production and LNG terminal are guarantees of stable gas supply
24.03. – INA to propose higher dividend for 2021
24.03. – Gospic biomass power plant entered commercial operation
25.03. – 1,512 GWh of electricity produced in January
25.03. – Auctions for the purchase of electricity to cover transmission system losses for 2023,2024 and 2025
25.03. – Electricity price for households to increase by 9.6 % on average
25.03. – Croatia considers increasing LNG terminal capacity
25.03. – British Cindrigo acquired company which holds three geothermal licenses in Croatia
29.03. – INA started measurements of wind speeds at offshore platforms
29.03. – JANAF to stop transportation of Russian oil for NIS
30.03. – Rijeka oil refinery to resume operations in April
01.04. – 520,366 MWh traded on CROPEX in March
01.04. – HROTE launched auctions for premiums for large power plants

16.03. – ELPE signed deal for additional oil quantities from Saudi Arabia
18.03. – Significantly increased subsidies in April package
18.03. – Government fully committed to supporting upstream activities
22.03. – Launch of the gas trading platform
22.03. – Binding round of South Kavala gas storage tender expected in early summer at earliest
24.03. – Greece introduced 90 % tax on energy producers’ extra profits
25.03. – OX2 acquired RES development portfolio of over 500 MW in Greece
25.03. – Greece preparing for Russian gas supply halt
29.03. – Applications for new RES projects exceeded 19 GW
29.03. – Huge increase in gas-fired electricity generation in February
30.03. – Greencells acquired 275 MW solar project in Greece
01.04. – Electricity subsidies for April announced

18.03. – ID Energy and LAFARGE signed corporate PPA for 26 MW solar power plant
29.03. – Hungary seeks transition to nuclear and solar power
30.03. – Rosatom could withdraw from NPP Paks expansion project

18.03. – MEPSO commissioned Stip-Ovce Pole transmission line
25.03. – 545 GWh of electricity produced in January

22.03. – EPCG exported 25 million euros worth of electricity in the first two months of 2022
28.03. – CEDIS enters the last phase of distribution network reconstruction
31.03. – Environmentally oriented reconstruction of TPP Pljevlja to start in April
01.04. – Jugopetrol’s profit doubled in 2021
01.04. – CGES recorded 15 % higher profit in 2021

16.03. – Rompetrol resumed refueling using company cards following cyber attack
18.03. – Fitch downgraded Electrica’s rating to BBB-
18.03. – Government to cap residential energy prices for another year
18.03. – Romania can now export electricity to Moldova
18.03. – EDPR to invest in 1 GW of RES projects in Romania
21.03. – Enel proposes removal of price caps for energy distributors
21.03. – Gas producers obliged to sell locally produced gas at prices set by the Government
23.03. – OMV Petrom completed Icoana solar power plant
23.03. – Romgaz’ acquisition of Neptun Deep 50 % stake to be completed in Q2
23.03. – BSOG will deliver 1 billion cubic meters of local gas for the next winter
23.03. – Romgaz and Nuclearelectrica could pay lower dividends
25.03. – Legislation changes needed before the start of the Black Sea gas production
28.03. – Nuclearelectrica to distribute 60 %, Romgaz 73 % of its profits as dividends
29.03. – Romania’s dependency on Russian energy is below EU average
29.03. – Azomures to resume operations due to EU aid
29.03. – Hidroelectrica intends to buy Electrica’s supply subsidiary
30.03. – EC Oltenia seeks temporary personnel to increase coal production
30.03. – Nuclear partnership with the US essential for Romania
31.03. – Hidroelectrica’s shareholders approved the company’s listing
31.03. – Romgaz obtained 325 million euros loan from Raiffeisen Bank
31.03. – Romania launched public call for 458 million euros worth of green energy projects
31.03. – Transgaz to distribute 50 % of its 2021 profit as dividends
01.04. – FP argues for Hidroelectrica’s dual listing

16.03. – Serbia to sign new gas supply deal with Gazprom by 15 May
18.03. – MVM acquired stake in Serbian Maneks Group
18.03. – CWP to invest 390 million euros in wind farms and solar power plant in Serbia
21.03. – EBRD seeking consultant for green investments in Serbia
21.03. – Serbia claims that Bulgaria is obliged to transit Russian gas
24.03. – World Bank approved 50 million dollars loan for clean energy
24.03. – Albanian Durres as an alternative for oil supply
25.03. – Completion of gas interconnection with Bulgaria might be delayed due to steel shortage
30.03. – Serbia is considering increasing oil reserves ahead of JANAF’s oil transport halt
01.04. – Explosion at Soko coalmine kills eight miners
01.04. – EPS signed first agreement with commercial prosumer
01.04. – 285,832 MWh traded on SEEPEX in March

16.03. – Petrol is not reliant on Russian oil imports
17.03. – Ascent considering increasing damage claim in its dispute with Slovenia
18.03. – Auction for the settlement of imbalances for 2023 by SODO
18.03. – Petrol recorded 72 % higher profit in 2021
21.03. – GEN-I exceeded H1 net profit target in the first two months of 2022
21.03. – Petrol proposes higher dividend for 2021
25.03. – Electricity generation decreased by 20 % in February
25.03. – New incentives for electricity self-sufficiency
01.04. – ELES announced tenders for the purchase of energy to cover transmission losses
01.04. – Government caps wholesale fuel prices as well

23.03. – Turkish steel mill plans 71 million dollars worth solar rooftop project
23.03. – Solar power plants built at open pit coalmines could supply electricity for 7 million households
28.03. – Turkey to become strategic energy hub for Europe
29.03. – Crude oil imports rose by 42.2 % in January
30.03. – Natural gas imports rose by 10 % in January
01.04. – Natural gas prices for industrial, residential consumers increased
01.04. – Energy imports bill rose by 181.8 % in February
03.04. – Daily wind generation hits record high two days in a row


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