ANRE is preparing new RES support scheme – Romania, 24 April 2018

Vice President of the Romanian National Authority for Energy Regulation (ANRE), Zoltan Nagy-Bege said that ANRE is considering introduction of a new support scheme for renewable energy from 2021, after […]

Working group for HPP Cebren and Galiste projects to be established – Macedonia, 24 April 2018

At the proposal of state-owned power utility ELEM, the Government of Macedonia reviewed the information regarding the projects for the construction of hydropower plants Cebren and Galiste. The Government obliged […]

More hydropower to be included in NOME auctions – Greece, 24 April 2018

One of the latest requests from Greece’s creditors is to increase the role of electricity produced by hydropower plants in the revised NOME auctions, in exchange for the overall reduction […]