EPS is still the main supplier of electricity in Serbia – Serbia, 30 August 2016

State-owned power utility EPS continues to be the sole supplier of electricity to households in Serbia, although the electricity market was fully liberalized in 2015. Director of strategy at EPS Aleksandar Jakovljevic said in an interview that many electricity suppliers failed to meet their contractual obligation that were promised to customers, which led to massive […]

Unit A2 of TPP Nikola Tesla A back online – Serbia, 30 August 2016

A subsidiary of Serbian power utility EPS – TENT, which operates TPP Nikola Tesla complex, announced that the regular overhaul of unit A2 at TPP Nikola Tesla A has been completed and the unit was successfully synchronized to the grid. During the overhaul, standard maintenance and repair works of minor importance were performed to the […]

Debt of insolvent EC Hunedoara increased – Romania, 30 August 2016

In early June, Iulia Alba Appeal Court has cancelled the insolvency of Energy Complex (EC) Hunedoara, according to the appeal made by Noroc Bun trade union against the sentence of syndic judge of entering in insolvency. However, the company filed for insolvency again and in late June, the Hunedoara Court approved the decision on reentering […]