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Energy imports bill decreased by 7.4 % in February - Turkey, 31 March 2020  |  Nuclearelectrica’s shareholders approved takeover of uranium processing plant in Feldioara - Romania, 30 March 2020  |  Romania capped electricity, gas, fuel prices during the state of emergency - Romania, 30 March 2020  |  Rompetrol Rafinare continues investing in Petromidia refinery - Romania, 30 March 2020  |  Pljevlja coalmine recorded 9.5 million euros profit in 2019 - Montenegro, 31 March 2020  |  Gas-fired electricity production increased - Greece, 31 March 2020  |  GEN-I Hrvatska reduced electricity prices - Croatia, 31 March 2020  |  INA signed three onshore hydrocarbon exploration agreements - Croatia, 30 March 2020  |  Auction for purchase of electricity to cover transmission losses scheduled for 2 April - Croatia, 30 March 2020  |  Electricity production reached 3,960 GWh in January - Bulgaria, 31 March 2020  |  ESO signed 6.4 million euros transmission line reconstruction contract - Bulgaria, 30 March 2020  |  851 GWh of electricity produced in FBiH in February - Bosnia and Herzegovina, 30 March 2020  |  Turkey’s gas imports rose by 3 % in January - Turkey, 28 March 2020  |  Crude oil imports rose by 22.7 % in January - Turkey, 28 March 2020  |  LPG imports rose by 8.66 % in January - Turkey, 28 March 2020  |  STAR refinery decreased Turkey’s account deficit by 800 million dollars in 2019 - Turkey, 27 March 2020  |  Coronavirus outbreak is affecting futures market - Romania, 28 March 2020  |  Deadline for completion of gas-fired TPP Iernut extended again - Romania, 27 March 2020  |  Hidroelectrica completed HPP Stejaru’s unit 6 refurbishment - Romania, 27 March 2020  |  Energy suppliers to receive support from the Development Bank - Greece, 27 March 2020
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    Product updates and announcements

    Forecast: HUPX March 2020 Forecast published on 14.02.2020

    Our March-2020 detailed HUPX price forecast has been published, with more details and content than any of our month-ahead forecast reports before. In addition to HUPX March-2020 price forecast, trading advices and risks, the report also includes comments of recent price developments. Forecast also contains daily HUPX base electricity price forecast, info on overhauls, unavailability […]

    Country Reports: October 2019 update available

    Country reports provide comprehensive overview of electricity sector for countries of South Eastern Europe. At the moment we have available up-to-date country reports for Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and FYR Macedonia. We published one free report for Serbia, as a preview what “Country Reports” can offer. You can view Serbia report […]

    Day and Week ahead HUPX forecasts

    Day/Week ahead Price forecasts are published each morning, on 08:30 hrs CET. Reports are delivered by email, or accessible on our Power Portal. Report includes hourly HUPX forecast, week-ahead HUPX forecast, and all the analytics a spot trader needs, in both PDF and Excel.   Daily forecast of outages, generation, consumption, flows 300 EUR per […]

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