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Electricity generation rose by 45 % in April - Slovenia, 25 May 2022  |  Serbia to store 500 billion cubic meters of gas in Hungary - Serbia, 25 May 2022  |  TPP Mintia to be auctioned at the starting price of 91.2 million euros - Romania, 26 May 2022  |  Romgaz wants to accelerate final investment decision for Neptun Deep project - Romania, 26 May 2022  |  541 GWh of electricity produced in March - Macedonia, 25 May 2022  |  Government to try to increase domestic energy production - Hungary, 26 May 2022  |  Electricity consumption dropped by 3.8 % in April - Greece, 26 May 2022  |  ELPE and Total to discuss hydrocarbon exploration exit - Greece, 25 May 2022  |  1,189 GWh of electricity produced in March - Croatia, 26 May 2022  |  EC urges Croatia to accelerate decarbonization, renewable energy utilization - Croatia, 25 May 2022  |  Rules on self-consumption renewable energy systems eased - Bulgaria, 26 May 2022  |  EC urges Bulgaria to accelerate energy diversification and increase RES energy share - Bulgaria, 25 May 2022  |  BEH’s profit increased eightfold in 2021 - Bulgaria, 25 May 2022  |  ContourGlobal to invest in carbon-free, low-carbon energy - Bulgaria, 25 May 2022  |  RS will not shut down coal capacities - Bosnia and Herzegovina, 25 May 2022  |  Nine electronic registries guarantees of origin ready for EnC contracting parties - Region, 26 May 2022  |  Increase of NTC values on Greek borders in June - Region, 26 May 2022  |  Wind and solar replacing gas imports, saved 7 billion dollars in the past year - Turkey, 24 May 2022  |  Government approved coal imports for EPS - Serbia, 23 May 2022  |  Government pushes forward with HPP Bistrica project - Serbia, 23 May 2022
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    Forecast: HUPX March 2022 Forecast published on 17.02.2022

    Our March-2022 detailed HUPX price forecast was been published on 17.02.2022. In addition to HUPX March-2022 price forecast, report contains trading advice and risks. Forecast also contains daily HUPX base […]

    Country Reports: December 2021 update available

    Country reports provide comprehensive overview of electricity sector for countries of South Eastern Europe. At the moment we have available up-to-date country reports for Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, […]

    Day and Week ahead HUPX forecasts

    Day/Week ahead Price forecasts are published each morning, on 08:30 hrs CET. Reports are delivered by email, or accessible on our Power Portal. Report includes hourly HUPX forecast, week-ahead HUPX […]